Day 144

Most of today was spent around the house, but I also managed a 2 mi run with only a little hip flexor pain.

Tonight my mom and I visited Grandma in the hospital and met her roommate Georgia. She is an adorable lady and was wearing a shirt with cats embroidered on it. When I complimented her shirt, as any good cat lover would do, she smiled, so I asked whether she has a kitty at home. Her dear Rexy is a himalayan and blue eyes. I showed her Lily, and she smiled as we exchanged sentiments about the love and joy of caring for kitties.

Earlier in our visit, while I was talking with my grandma, I saw Georgia clutching a stuffed animal to her chest and stroking it. She misses her cat, and I really hope she can go home soon.

Tomorrow is another visit to the facility, and I hope I am able to visit with Georgia.



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