Day 340

Today was long but successful. Thanks to my experience living in London, navigating DC wasn’t anxiety-inducing like it was my last visit several years ago. Two people even asked me for directions today, so I pulled off the look of confidence.

The 3.5 hours I spent at the office went well. The biggest worry I have is that my background shows pretty frankly that I’m an academic writer, and they’re looking for a journalistic writer. It’s not hard for me to learn to mimic a new style because I have a natural tendency to emulate what I’m reading, so let’s hope I get the chance to try.

I’m beat. Today was a really long one. Sorry about the iPhone photos, but I couldn’t fit my camera in my handbag with all the other necessities. I wish I did have my camera, though, to capture some of the sights. The little bird at the bottom was absolutely adorable. I saw a bunch of them in the city, and they’re so round and cute. They were so accustomed to people that photographing them would have been really easy. All the greenery, including countless tulips and daffodils, was blooming in the city too, which was a nice touch of the natural world. Plants bloom faster in cities because of the increased concentration of CO2 from the city traffic. Marc taught me that one. And the architecture was pretty amazing in terms of the variance of style from neighborhood to neighborhood. I walked everywhere once I got there, so I was able to take more in.

I droned on a bit more than necessary, but I’m pretty proud of myself about today. Navigation has never been my strongest point, but I didn’t get lost or flustered today. Even when my phone died and I didn’t have a map anymore, I didn’t panic, I problem solved. It might seem insignificant, but it feels good.


Day 339

I remember April 15th, 2013 as well as I remember today. For the running community, the devastation was in Boston, but it was also much closer to home for me. I ran early in the afternoon that day because I had a student conduct board hearing at 4:30. The hearing was notably long and very stressful. Hours later when I left, I had several missed calls and texts from my brother. As soon as I picked up something for dinner, I planned to call him back, but he called me again before I made it to the campus food services. “I need to talk to you. Are you sitting down? Grandpa died today.” Jacob answered my call and was to my room as fast as I was. He took such good care of me, both that night and the weeks that followed.

Aaron and I got to FaceTime this morning, the first time we’ve actually talked in months. He knew all the emotional and physical stress was compounding, and we needed each other today. He’s my best friend, and I miss him every single day.

I kept myself busy with packing on this rainy day and went out with Nikki tonight to purchase some plastic totes to organize and contain my sentimental salvage that comprises half of the things I have here. The other half are my books.

Tomorrow is a big day: traveling to DC and engaging in the longest interview session of my life. I’m really trying to not let everything else in my life influence tomorrow. Deep breaths, tissues, and hopefully better sleep tonight.


Day 338

I drove across the state again today, finishing the Crime and Punishment audiobook and then chatting with Marc for the remaining couple hours.

Reluctant to actually go to my mom’s house, I stopped along the river for a walk and to call Nikki. Luckily she was home, so I stayed with her into the evening. She even played and sang for me in addition to our usual (and always much-needed) conversations.

My reluctance was warranted: upon my arrival, I was informed that I need to move out all of my remaining things or find storage. I’m calling my dad in the morning for advice, but at least for tonight, Nikki and Marc were great comforts. I have some of the best friends.


Day 337

A few reflections on today:

1) When you are in the leanest running shape of at least the last four years, you will realize that none of your pants fit anymore without absurd belt cinching. Apparently my commitment to spandex during the winter months allowed this to sneak up on me.

2) Now that the weather is turning, runners will be on the roads with less and less clothing as the temperatures rise. To the assholes who insist on yelling cat calls, we don’t do it for you, and you are worth less than the dirt on our shoes.

3) Today was fucking beautiful.


Day 336

It was beautiful outside today, so spent my day there. Lily and I went for a leisurely walk together before my long run in the sun and another afternoon walk with my dad. I’m still in need of an allergy solution, or at least improvement, but with more pleasant weather on tap tomorrow, breathing trouble won’t keep me from enjoying nature.

Oh to be a Romantic. Wordsworth’s words were close to my heart today.


Day 335

30 days left in this project and 30 days until SU’s next graduating class begins their year after.

I had my hair cut today, which explains the straight locks. It’s the only way to double check the layering.

My DC interview in on the books for Wednesday of next week, and I’m very excited to spend a day in the city. The timing is really perfect too because Tuesday marks one year since my grandfather’s death, and now I will be able to spend part of the day with my grandma. It will be good for us both.


Day 334

The call to arms was never true. I’m medicated; how are you? Let’s take a dive, swim right through. Sophisticated point of view. Let’s follow the cops back home.

I miss summer and bare skin and the feelings we had in the heat.


Day 333

It’s allergy season.

I’ve always been one to brush off my mild allergy symptoms and can’t even remember the last time I bothered with my Flonase prescription, but shesh, this season is making me rethink that. The sniffles and sneezes aren’t a big deal to me, but I felt short of breath while running today, so I might need to address this a little more seriously this spring.

Keeping with the allergy gripe theme, that’s my excuse for a lack of photography inspiration tonight. Tomorrow I’ll at least take my camera outside. I promise. I just spent most of today inside in front of this screen, filling out job applications (and in a more enjoyable time, watching Jacob’s game live stream).

Sniffling all the way, 


Day 332

Watched an intense lacrosse game between Princeton and Lehigh tonight. While the first half was slow going, the second was non stop. The score was never separated by more than a goal, and they went into double overtime before Princeton took it home, 10-9. I’m glad I caught it because it was such an exciting one.

The rest of the day wasn’t particularly thrilling, so it was nice to round out my night with something that gives me a sense of comfort.


Day 331

Today marks 20 years since the violent beginning of the Rwandan genocide. For a moving journalist’s account on the event, I’d recommend Philip Gourevitch’s We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families.

It didn’t feel like spring today, but my dad has his garden seeds started in our basement.

Something was off with Lily today. She did a lot of crying at seemingly random times, and I don’t know why. A normally quiet kitten, this was unusual.

I revamped my resume today with the help of SU’s career services office. It’s back to a less business-oriented format that is more suitable for writing positions.